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Hee Haw Farms Weigh-off Results: Pumpkin

This page shows the results for the selected weigh-off site and class gathered so far this year. During the weigh-off these results are subject to change by the weigh-off coordinator.


PlaceWeight (lbs)Grower NameCityState/ProvCountrySeed (Mother)Pollinator (Father)OTTEst. WeightPct. Chart
11,411.00Sadiq, MohamedBountifulUtahUnited States1911 UrenaSelf405.51,463.00-4.0
2903.00Bradley, DavidSalt LakeUtahUnited States2021 Haist2114 Wallace330.0826.009.0
3729.00Urry, ClintUtahUnited States2077 BrandtSelf319.5751.00-3.0
4561.00Searle, LoganIdahoUnited States1471 MarshallSelf298.5614.00-9.0
5551.00Hanson, VictorUtahUnited States754 JohnsonSelf297.5608.00-9.0
6420.00West, JimMontanaUnited States267.0439.00-4.0
7397.00Seamons, JimUtahUnited Stateswarrenself270.0454.00-13.0
8382.00Edward, ToddUtahUnited States1277 Gebertopen263.0420.00-9.0
EXH347.00West, JimMontanaUnited States241.5325.007.0
EXH242.00Seamons, JimUtahUnited States1002 Westoen213.5225.008.0
EXH86.00West, JimMontanaUnited States0.00.000.0
11 Entries. (3 were exhibition only.)

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