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AVGVG Glad Gardens Weigh-off Results: Squash

This page shows the results for the selected weigh-off site and class gathered so far this year. During the weigh-off these results are subject to change by the weigh-off coordinator.


PlaceWeight (lbs)Grower NameCityState/ProvCountrySeed (Mother)Pollinator (Father)OTTEst. WeightPct. Chart
1910.00Ansems, FredSteam MillNova ScotiaCanada1297 (est) Ansems1701 Jutros348.0963.00-6.0
2906.00Ansems, GerardSteam MillNova ScotiaCanada1701 Jutrosself323.0776.0017.0
3730.00Ansems, FrankNorth AltonNova ScotiaCanada1172.5 Johnston/Butler1216 Gould0.00.000.0
4407.00Reid, JeffWatervilleNova ScotiaCanada1472 Kleinself225.0263.0055.0
5284.00Budde, DainaWatervilleNova ScotiaCanada1038 Johnstonself229.0277.003.0
5 Entries.

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