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In the Patch...Charlie Houghton 7/22/2000

The third stop of the N.H.G.P.G.A. patch tour was at Charlie Houghton's house in Goffstown, NH. Charlie was a little reluctant to show us web guys his patch but he finally caved! In the pictures below be sure and note the lack of weeds! Charlie has a HUGE garden that simply looks like a farm. He is way beyond the rototiller stage here. Break out the full size farm equipment to turn this baby over. This is Charlie and his 678 Ciliberto plant with the biggest pumpkin in New Hamshire at the time. We later learned that this particular pumpkin went down. Sorry Charlie!

This is Charlie's 740 Mongeon plant. The 740 was grown by another N.H. grower, Matt Mongeon, and finished 7th at Topsfield last year.

Like many many other growers this year Charlie grew an 815 Checkon seed.

This is Charlie's 884 Black plant.

Charlie is also growing this 935 Lloyd plant. Thanks for letting us check out your patch Charlie! I'm sure all the BigPumpkins.com members will be glad you did! Congratulations on your win at Hillsboro with a 697 pounder! We will see you at Topsfield on the 30th of September!

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