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Subject:  Hijacked by anarchists/marxists

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G. Kins

Catinthehat, WA

Mike Adams (Natural News) swings and misses a lot but about a third of the time he really hits it out of the park...
"Violence is here to stay whether Trump wins or not. The Marxists need the Democrats for now but they don’t really want to become Democrats. Because they’re Marxists.

The difference is, Trump will put his boot in rioters’ rear ends and Biden won’t."

The Democratic party is like one of those video games where the little zombie chews the head off the victim and then the victim's body keeps walking around... now with the little parasitic zombie residing on top???

You keep trying to say how bad Trump is... but is he THAT bad? Have mercy on yourselves & don't look in the mirror. Seriously, I feel bad for Democrats... Your party is being destroyed by people who aren't even Democrats.

9/4/2020 7:16:46 AM


Susquehanna Pa

Veterans scorn Trump over report they he calls fallen soldiers “losers”! It’s not the first time remember he said on national TV John McCain was a war hero because he was captured I like the ones that don’t get captured. You people forget he dodged the draft by faking a bone spur that never had any surgery. Yes he is that bad!

9/4/2020 8:28:16 PM

G. Kins

Catinthehat, WA


9/4/2020 9:56:03 PM


Anamosa, IA BPIowegian@aol.com

I had to register for that draft. Luckily for me, they ended the draft 3 months before I was eligible to be drafted. One of my town's doctors, with a son a year older than me, decided he had to move to Canada a year earlier. I guess his new job didn't work out because in a couple years he was back in Iowa,

That war was a gigantic waste of lives as a disguise to enrich the military/industrial complex. I don't blame anyone for protesting or doing anything possible to avoid it. It was based on a lie, the Gulf of Tonkin incident, Johnson's false flag operation. And beside that, Jimmy Carter used his pardon power to grant the draft dodgers amnesty. That war is supposed to be over, but one party will keep it going. Use it to divide the nation just to :get" one person. And forget that the Gukf of Tonkin incident was just one tiny fishing boat firing a few AK rounds at a destroyer.

I lost many night's sleep over the draft and so did one of my brothers. But it was the draft dodgers and protesters who forced an end to that unjust war. By standing up against the government, they were actually patriots.

The nation has moved past Vietnam and tried to heal wounds. Bot democrats will find excuses to keep it going and divide the nation. It was a democrat war, and a democrat president tried to end the pain. But modern democrats use it the keep dividing the nation. Just one of the reasons I quit voting for democrats

9/5/2020 5:13:19 AM

G. Kins

Catinthehat, WA

Yes indeed. The blue cool aid is that your life & freedoms are worthless unless you are black or a tranny then you have value and deserve freedom. My girlfriend has bone spurs and is not getting surgery for it.

9/5/2020 7:32:14 AM

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