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Subject:  Rushed to the hospital.

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Trump University

What is this about Trump being rushed to the hospital? Pence was told to prepare to take the reigns? Some reported that he had a stroke? Others say he is now showing signs of Parkinsonism manifested as delusions and paranoia. Why did he ever take a cognitive test? Some doctor must have had a reason to order it. I doubt anyone here ever took such a test. This is not just fun and games. This president may have some serious brain disorder.

9/2/2020 10:21:32 PM

Spudley (Scott)



9/2/2020 10:27:34 PM


Penryn CA

I thought he was golfing today?

9/3/2020 12:01:39 AM


Anamosa, IA BPIowegian@aol.com

The President might just be playing a serious game with the media. Something happened and the media is not told who, what or why, But they think they have to report something. So report speculation; stroke, heart attack other wild idea. Oh, he isn't able to continue as president.

Maybe he got stung by a bee in the rose garden, maybe he twisted an ankle on the golf course. Or maybe it is something serious and he wants to keep the media out of it. Maybe he is trying to smoke out his real enemies in the media, find the ones willing to push a health conspiracy so he can drop the hammer, so to speak.

You never know with Trump. Maybe he is just toying with the Biden supporters; get then to think that Joe is the one in better condition. Get your hopes up and then shatter them, I can see he already has a couple of people here all giddy with excitement. Be careful, it might be that the media will lead you astray by reporting speculation, not fact,

9/3/2020 7:16:14 AM

andy W

Western NY

Ah yes, that genius trickster president. Amazing prank, ol chap, getting those libs all stirred up.

Why, all he has to do now to rub their noses in it is just release the medical info. Oh, wait...

9/3/2020 9:03:06 AM


Trump University

Wow! So the report about being rushed to the Emergency Room was just made up. And the report that Pence was warned to be on alert to take over for the president was made up too. And Pence says he can't recall whether or not it happened? How would you not be able to answer that question with a simple yes or no? Can't recall? Would you be able to remember something like that? What? If it was nothing at all, why lie about it?

9/3/2020 9:25:25 AM

Spudley (Scott)


Pence seldom if ever answers a direct question with a direct answer. I know why. If he did he would have to lie.

9/3/2020 2:21:41 PM

Ned (team slammer)

Honesdale, Pennsylvania

Make sure you don't sniff Daconil when spraying Marv. Keep your mask on.

9/3/2020 4:35:07 PM


Trump University

I don't need Daconil yet. My garden is pretty much done. I am pulling out plants and thinking of next year. I won't even be going to the PGPGA weigh-off this year. First time in maybe 30 years. I have been to every event up to this one.

9/3/2020 7:52:01 PM


Susquehanna Pa

What is it about Trump bragging, twice in FOX interviews that he aced a mental acuity test and doesn’t have dementia? He even praised himself for getting extra points for remembering five words in the correct order. “It’s actually not that easy, Trump said,”but for me it was easy”

9/4/2020 8:57:47 PM

G. Kins

Catinthehat, WA

You guys like Biden?

9/5/2020 12:30:29 AM


Anamosa, IA BPIowegian@aol.com

The media dropped that story like a hot potato. If there was something to it, they would be all over it for weeks. But they accomplished their goal, Fired up their lefty radicals. Makes great mud balls to toss around

9/5/2020 5:28:50 AM


Trump University

Do any of you understand that there is more to it than just the left radicals and the right radicals? There are the center, the center right and the center left.The latter three is where most people are. The radicals make up a vocal minority, Think of the far right or the radical right walking around naked while scratching their asses. The right is in bikinis. The center has a one piece bathing suit on. Far right also has a lot of tattoos. Far left has very long hair. Far right buzz cut and an AR 15. Far left smoking a joint. Sort of like that.

9/5/2020 8:53:36 AM


Anamosa, IA BPIowegian@aol.com

Good old self proclaimed liberal Marv!, dividing up the nation based on stereotypes. Forgot the liberal principal of dropping stereotypes. Claims that Trump divides the nation while he is doing it.

Your stereotypes just don't work. I know a guy who owns an AR15. Politically middle of the road. Has a buzz cut, but that goes along with his cauliflower ears, was an All-American wrestler at Iowa State just before Dan Gable came along. Volunteered for the Navy during Vietnam. Given medical discharge when his vaccinations left him partially paralyzed. After he recovered joined the Army, became a medic; His unit followed the big invasion of Iraq, now retired. A musician and leader in his church. I don't know if he has tattoos, but his ultra conservative wife and his daughter both do.

He isn't sort of like any of the stereotypes you promote. I am politically right of center. A radical supporter of gun rights, an active environmentalist who thinks the far left is off their rockers. I have the same hair style As I did in 1966, just went white, falling out due to chemo therapy, added a beard. I don't use cannabis but I want to see it legalized. I don't fit your stereotype either.

Your stereotyping would have gotten you in hot water with the liberals of the 70's; just way too conservative.

9/5/2020 10:50:17 AM

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