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Subject:  Jerry Falwell Jr.

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Spudley (Scott)


Another false prophet falls.

8/26/2020 2:56:14 PM

Andy H

Brooklyn Corner, Nova Scotia

They are all the same. We are all flawed, remember Jimmy Swaggert? They preach a good message but when they fall they fall hard. My own opinion, they shouldn’t prop themselves so high. They are no different than the rest of us, own it and move on. People respect that.

8/26/2020 9:53:06 PM



I don't think false prophet applies to him. I don't think he was a minister, or member of the clergy.

8/27/2020 2:28:36 AM


Anamosa, IA BPIowegian@aol.com

A false prophet preaches a false gospel or doctrine. I don't know what he was preaching, so I don't know if it was false or not. I would be quick to point out if his message was false, but not to pass judgment on the person. It is not the job of a christian, that is God's job. But if we hear false, it would be proper to judge that. It does seem like mega churches tend to push money, in that they need money to maintain their bloated size and power. Was this Falwell's problem? Someone would have to tell me because I don't follow the mega churches at all.

8/27/2020 9:37:56 AM

Spudley (Scott)


How convenient!

8/27/2020 3:21:57 PM


Anamosa, IA BPIowegian@aol.com

The reason I don't follow mega churches is their fixation on money. I was curious about 20 years ago and decided to listen to these TV preachers and compare them to the Gospel I had been taught and still believe. Back in late December 1999 I heard Pat Robertson state on TV that Y2K is almost here, the world was going to end soon, you won't need your money, so you might as well send it to him. Then there was the preacher with the wife who wore $50 of makeup for each show and had some kind of amusement park or something that always needed money. Oral Roberts always needed money for his college and hospital, said God would kill him if he didn't raise enough money. there was a former Iowan turned California mega church preacher with the Crystal Cathedral who preached that if you were good God would give you money to share with him. There was one TV preacher who preached the gospel of his miracle spring water. This was all about 20 years ago. There were others, too. Didn't take long to see they were in it for money.

Falwell took over a mega church from his father. I am sure he was at least tempted by the money. And if he had become a flasher as some reported, he is in need of both criminal charges as well as psychological and Christian counselling.

It sounds like his case is heading for criminal court. If it happens, the jury can decide if he is guilty. The Christian response should be prayer. Pray for Falwell, the victims, the prosecutors, judges and juries who will handle the case. Pray that God leads these people to the truth and appropriate punishment if it is warranted.

8/27/2020 6:09:05 PM

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