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Subject:  Your Covid19 Survival

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Tennessee Dreamer (Team Bubba)

Malabon City, Manila, The Philippines

OK, so experts have given us information on how to avoid covid19. Now they say many will be infected anyway.
So what are you going to do ? I mean we are told & told what to do to avoid disease spread. But most governments are not {thank God} as restrictive as the Chinese. Confinement is not the answer as it helps the health care system to not be overwhelmed but doesn't have the power to make this go away. Until there is herd immunity, effective medicines or a vaccine this will go on and on until these weapons kick in enough to stop it. Can you really plan to avoid infection ? Well maybe you can plan to avoid covid19, but do not be unprepared to get it. It is not a matter of care or intelligence. Nor is it a matter of wealth or position in life. Wealthy & famous & powerful people seem to be getting infected as much as any of us. So face the facts my friends, this is a roll of the dice whether you or family members & friends become infected. So my question to you is: what are you going to do to survive this ? I am 68 now & have been fighting for good health for years now. I do things that will help assure my survival if this disease comes knocking on my door. Many people think their immune system is what it is. That is far from true & it is dangerous. It is dangerous because if most people will do a few things differently, they can improve their immune system a great deal in a very short time. You CAN alter your chance of survival by becoming proactive about improving your health. Truly healthy people have little to no chance of dying from this virus, in my humble opinion.

3/29/2020 8:40:03 PM


Plymouth, MN

Listen to your doctors--they're trying to learn on the fly right now. Don't buy snake oil cures and don't go self medicating with fish supplies.

Advocate for widespread serology(antibody) testing. This looks for antibodies that are evidence that you've had the virus and recovered. I don't know of any other way that people can get back in the workforce with any sense of confidence.

3/29/2020 10:01:04 PM

Tennessee Dreamer (Team Bubba)

Malabon City, Manila, The Philippines

I am 68 & retired. I have been fighting metestatic oral cancer for over a decade. And I live in maybe the most densely populated and unsanitary city in the world. This all looks bad for my survival. But I have no fear of covid19. I believe I have a most excellent immune system these days & perhaps may not even become symptomatic if I do get this virus. I advocate that improved immune systems could help save the life of millions of people.

3/29/2020 10:10:43 PM


Anamosa, IA BPIowegian@aol.com

I have read that there are 8 separate strains of the virus worldwide. Makes sense, as viruses mutate quickly. Eventually, they mutate into something harmless and the epidemics go away. Even the Spanish Flu went away on its own. Because of the mutation factor, I have no faith in vaccines being the solution. They have to keep changing the vaccine every year and never have a good one. This seasons vaccine is only 47% effective, and they consider that good.

Effective medicines hold promise to save lots of lives. They say no one who has lupus has been diagnosed with the virus, because they are virtually all taking the malaria drug. Another indication that this might be a lifesaver.

I agree with the immune system strength being the biggest factor. Since I started taking a bunch of immune boosting supplements, I have gone 7 years without catching a cold. I did get flu once, a mild case that Tamiflu knocked out in about 2 days, and a couple of stomach bugs that lasted only around 36 hours. My wife has been taking Epicor, a yeast bases supplement that was discovered in Cedar Rapids, but now it is not available. It is not in the stores, and their web site has been shut down. We don't know why. They found that workers in the plant where they were growing the yeast used in the ethanol industry didn't get sick. Not just some, but the whole crew. And not just for one flu season, but for years. It was believed that inhaling tiny bits of the dust boosted their immunity. But why this disappeared right at the start of a pandemic with nothing being said is puzzling.

3/30/2020 6:03:20 AM


Plymouth, MN

Coronaviruses and influenza are very different beasts. Can't assume paradigms from flu vaccines would apply at all. SARS-2 vaccine could be like the measles vaccine and be very effective for all we know. Lots of different vaccines are being piloted now. Coronaviruses mutate a lot more slowly than other RNA viruses and there's no reason to assume that one virus for SARS-2 wouldn't work for all of them.

I've heard a report from a more recent clinical trial that chloroquine wasn't much use. It may have decreased the viral burden a bit, but the severe disease is caused by an immune overreaction. Certain immune suppressive therapies look promising.

3/30/2020 12:50:34 PM

G. Kins

Southwest WA

Weak immune system is good then and a strong over reacting immune system is bad... I am gonna stick with my 'for sure' understanding of it... which is that oxygen is good no oxygen is bad. Ok nix that! I will add to the unproven theories. . . It seems like a live vaccine would work as long as the virus hits you anywhere but your lungs your chances are ok. Inhalation bad, injection maybe not bad.

3/30/2020 2:35:36 PM

G. Kins

Southwest WA

The whole idea of not touching your face may be completely wrong. Its the lungs is where it kills you and they still dont have enough masks?? We had no masks in storage somewhere? If your face gets the virus it gives your body time to figure it out and fight it before it hits your lungs? But if it directly goes in your lungs and nowhere else your body has a hard time realizing anything is wrong. So the CDCs probably wrong and we live in a world where they will be financially rewarded and really they should all be fired. . . Simply for being wrong. Bring in all new folks or let the monkeys out of the test cages and let them run the show! The CDC hangs around test-subject chimps all day. This I can tell:)

3/30/2020 2:50:38 PM

Garden Rebel (Team Rebel Rousers)

Lebanon, Oregon

I currently still work. I walk past the glass door and see the smokers in the smoke shack doing their thing. What is funny is that they are wearing face masks. They hang it around their neck when they smoke and pull it up over their face when they come back inside. Cracks me up.

3/30/2020 5:23:49 PM

Garden Rebel (Team Rebel Rousers)

Lebanon, Oregon

That is one reason why many Italians died. Italy has a high per-capita of smokers. If you were really concerned, stop smoking, or at least try.

3/30/2020 5:27:59 PM

G. Kins

Southwest WA

Europe does smoke a lot so does China. Smoking does reduce oxygen function. The empty casinos that have the abilty to pump oxygen into the air would make nice recovery wards. Between the doctors and the slot machines it sure would be hard to leave with a full wallet.

3/30/2020 6:04:08 PM


Oak Grove, Mn

Actually, In the china studies...smokers had a lower rate of serious issues. 68% of Chinese men are smokers. One thing about smokers...the amount of hand to mouth interaction is much more. I am hoping that living my life in a dirty environment, and constant exposure to bacteria will help me. I have had many years for my immune system to deal with adverse substance introduced by smoking. Someone that has lived in a clean room...has much less developed immunity response. That said...with reduced lung capacity...further reduction of the smokers could be fatal.

3/30/2020 7:47:56 PM

Tennessee Dreamer (Team Bubba)

Malabon City, Manila, The Philippines

cjb, to claim that a weak immune system is the best way to survive is absurd. It is inflammation from covid9 that does the damage. Inflammation can be help to a minimum through a very strong immune system. A weak immune system in this time of need for excellent health is counter intuitive. People with weak immune systems going into this have a far great risk of mortality.

3/30/2020 7:58:10 PM

Tennessee Dreamer (Team Bubba)

Malabon City, Manila, The Philippines

Boost your immune system to fight the corona virus


3/30/2020 10:32:35 PM

Tennessee Dreamer (Team Bubba)

Malabon City, Manila, The Philippines

I am a vegan and believe this video is much better than the previous one.

Health Experts Show You How to Protect Your Immune System I Health Theory


3/30/2020 10:36:59 PM


Plymouth, MN

I said that severe disease is caused by an immune overreaction (e.g. too much inflammation), not that a weak immune system is the best way to survive COVID-19. The immunosuppressive drugs I mentioned are targeted anti-inflammatories but was trying to not get too technical.

3/30/2020 10:44:41 PM

Tennessee Dreamer (Team Bubba)

Malabon City, Manila, The Philippines

If the immune system is strong enough to begin with the person infected will not get sick enough to need treatment & may not even have symptoms.

3/31/2020 12:32:44 AM


Paradise Mountain, New York


3/31/2020 4:09:10 AM


Long Island,New York

Wash your hands, don't touch your face, social distancing. Follow the rules.

3/31/2020 9:16:02 AM

Jane & Phil

Ontario, Canada

G.Kins. Get your head out of your A$$ & stop posting. Your information is so wrong & might confuse some people. Stop being part of the problem & work on being part of the solution. Go into isolation in your patch & don't post until you have something good to share or until it's over. We are sick of reading your stupid posts.

3/31/2020 10:34:24 AM

Don Crews


I isolated G.Kins some time ago.lol. I encourage everyone else too as well. I had to log on without signing in to see the nonsensical falsehoods. This is serious business as everyone is about to find out within a month or two.

3/31/2020 2:22:57 PM

Porkchop(team sLamMer)

Central NY

Lol... scratches forehead- wonders how it gets into the lungs.

3/31/2020 3:13:05 PM

Frank and Tina

South East

Nothing like some cabin fever to bring out the best in people!

3/31/2020 4:53:29 PM

G. Kins

Southwest WA

Just proposing some alternative theories... I welcome criticism of my ideas.

3/31/2020 8:07:20 PM

G. Kins

Southwest WA

I trust no one here will be misled. What we currently "know" may change in hindsight. It's not like any of us have all the answers. CDC was probably dead wrong to say face asks won't help. That was a white lie and we all know it. We are not fools hopefully. They had to say masks don't help because if they didn't... everyone would have panicked and thrown them out on their asses for doing a horrible horrible job of being prepared for this, anyhow we are sheep and they know it but I assume you are all smart.

3/31/2020 8:20:37 PM

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