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Subject:  Dow Jones index

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What is your opinion on this and please try to stay away from the political finger pointing. More of a poll.

Will the DJ see 15,000 or 25,000 first. And how low do you think it can go? Reasons?

3/23/2020 8:35:25 AM


I should say it is pretty much midpoint right now.

15,000 because I really believe this is a ways away from being over.

3/23/2020 8:37:32 AM

G. Kins

Pirates of the Pacific

I am comfortable with my prediction of 15K. I think it can drop up to 80 percent. I will throw in one more I also think a 50 percent default on bonds in 1-2 years by the govt... In other words they will only pay around 50 cents on the dollar for U.S. treasuries. In the same line treasuries purchased now will be a quarter of the value of gold purchased now. It might not be a NWO in 2 years but I am pretty sure it will be an NW. Big positive changes as those who are young and healthy take over.

3/23/2020 10:36:55 AM


Oak Grove, Mn

i think it could hit 12,000...before the fed starts to buy stock. Today, 5 more states mandated "shelter in place" to go along with 8 over the weekend. 25% of the workforce in the usa is not getting a paycheck. Some of these states are saying this could last for a few months, not for a few weeks. Based on financial situation of the average, 401k savings will start to get raided. I foresee more money flowing out of the market than flowing in. Trump was tweating today...the cure for the disease might be worse than the disease. I have to agree with him on this one. Ooops, wasn't suppose to be political.I don't think the work stoppages will eliminate the virus. How far should they let the economy crash for the next 1 to 1/2 years for this? Is risking severe depression the right solution?

3/23/2020 5:30:35 PM


South Bloomfield, Ohio

One thing's for sure: When the virus crisis is over, we're going to see an unprecedented flurry of economic recovery and investment.

3/23/2020 8:19:49 PM


Corryton, TN

If I had to pick one I'd say 15,000. With that said as of yesterday I'm counting on a bounce in the short term. I'm not betting the farm on it though. The 2 obvious technical low targets are about 15,000 and 12,000. With ANY sort of good news such as a med, vaccine or other breakthrough we should avoid 12,000. Bad news fatigue could keep it from getting that low. I'm looking for buying opportunities as we speak but only small positions because I could be wrong!

3/24/2020 7:47:09 AM


On a stock site I have been told that some of the experts are thinking that 6000 is possible but if that happens it will not be good (talking the big D). Thinking was there could be a 15% bull trap that they had to watch for. Also The longer it goes odds do not seem to favor a massive uptick in spending right away. Have to pay the bills first and a huge % are pay to pay.

3/24/2020 9:12:29 AM

Porkchop(team sLamMer)

Central NY

lol...not sure id be taking advice from that site...

3/24/2020 9:22:44 AM

Orange U. Glad


^That is one of the best comments that I have ever seen on this website. Well done, Porkchop. I have some sideline money that is slowly going into the market. Every Monday, I plan to purchase 1/8 of that amount. Last Monday, I purchased shares of an S&P 500 Index Fund when it was down 26%, and yesterday it was down another 3%. This downturn is free money. The stock market has always recovered and has always come back stronger. I have no idea of the time horizon, it might be a year or two who knows. But I will see a tremendous return.

3/24/2020 10:13:27 AM


These people are talking a worst case scenario that they do not want to see.The thinking is in line with what brotherdave said but to be aware of a bull trap.

Instead of pooh-poohing something, why don't you answer the question. Resisted bringing politics into this. Tell me what your pooh-poohing is based on. People never thought 19,000 would be seen again and look where we are at.

3/24/2020 10:54:18 AM

Porkchop(team sLamMer)

Central NY

I guess what im saying is, and good all around advice when it comes to real information with proven results, sometimes its better to shy away from the loudest voices(most times, the click on me for doom and gloom people) and invest a bit more time in how things actually work....gosh that sound familiar.

3/24/2020 11:05:57 AM


Yes, there is a lot of pumping and bashing that goes on in those sites so you have to learn to watch for them. People are trying to separate you from your money. One thing you learn is to do your own DD and those with a piece of paper saying they are an expert does not mean that they are a good expert.
You are right about staying away from the loudest voices like about 99.9999% of the time and yes that does sound familiar. Took a day trading course from an experienced day trader(worked for a large firm) and he was showing the tricks those people use to fake you And the biggest thing I learned is that there is no compassion in that business. Also day trading is very biased from the way the exchanges are set up against the average person. I stick to longer term.

3/24/2020 11:54:16 AM

Porkchop(team sLamMer)

Central NY

Interesting point about compassion...almost an observation really....I’ve learned the most from people with compassion...including this hobby....not that fake Jake Tapper Nancy pelosi garbage horseshit compassion....

3/24/2020 1:04:31 PM

Orange U. Glad


And the S&P 500 was up nearly 9.5% percent today. Should have bought more yesterday. lol

3/24/2020 6:08:12 PM


Anamosa, IA BPIowegian@aol.com

Dow went up 2100 points, over 20,000 again. Best gain in 87 years. Don't be surprised if it does down again, too. A lot of trading is done by computer programs, and they seem to have panic selling built into them. Might be better off going to Vegas and feeding your money to the one armed bandits, if they ever open up again.

3/24/2020 6:59:57 PM


I would like to see it not hit 15 or 12 but that AI is causing wild swings and I do not think we are out of the woods yet.
There is no profit or loss until you sell unless the company goes belly up. Only unrealized gains or losses.

3/24/2020 7:08:55 PM

G. Kins

Pirates of the Pacific

The stock market sure loves 'quantitative easing.' Not helping me one bit but sure looks like Trump has slain the bear...

3/26/2020 4:13:44 PM

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