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Subject:  Drone strike killing.

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Obama-526 drone strike killings.
All done with out asking ANYBODY.

Death to terrorists,and those who train,fund,support,and harbor terrorists.

1/11/2020 12:07:16 PM

G. Kins

Pirates of the Pacific

Terrorists... of course will include rural white resistence when we get taken over by communists... Guns? Useless against stealth drones. Am I a freak or am I correct...

1/11/2020 12:15:38 PM


Anamosa, IA BPIowegian@aol.com

Obama has the all-time record for people murdered with drone strikes by a Nobel Peace Prizewinner. even included an American Citizen who was executed without due process. No charges or indictment, no lawyer or trial, no judge or jury, no conviction or appeal. Obama just ordered his killing. Didn't that amount to huge violations of law and the constitution?Wasn't that impeachable?

We don't have to worry about commies. Democrats are a bigger threat. Just look at Virginia. Democrats proposing huge gun restrictions. they even propose to make teaching gun safety classes a felony. they want to increase budgets for prisons and police,and the governor plans to call up the National guard to seize guns and arrest gun owners. All being funded by Bloomberg. Mr. Stop and Frisk to go after minorities. They can't be trusted.

1/11/2020 12:46:00 PM

G. Kins

Pirates of the Pacific

That was not meant to be a racist comment... just a reminder that its an unrighteous agenda of those in power that often determines who is a terrorist.
I have no clue what Trump's real agenda is... nor what Obama's was... Are they are all drunk on power? Lol... Frodo Baggins for president?

1/11/2020 12:50:40 PM

Josh Scherer

Piqua, Ohio

Glenoma Kins, us rural whites just might surprise you.

1/12/2020 2:41:39 PM

Jane & Phil

Ontario, Canada

Brandon, do you drink? Maybe you should get a winter hobby instead of watching the political circus going on. Sounds like your watching too much liberal news that is all doom & gloom. Don't worry about the rural white folks. They aren't terrorist, they are mostly just proud American citizens, just like most others. I would be more worried about what crap & lies that this OAC & her little group of anti-USA democrats spread. She & her clan will cause big problems for the country if they ever get into power. Bernie doesn't know what he's getting himself involved with by promoting her as his #2. Silly old man will do & say anything to get elected. Hopefully America is smart enough not to let this happen.

1/13/2020 9:42:55 AM

Suburban Gardener

Western Washington

I've also been wondering if things are going OK with you, Brandon.

The short and dark days here in winter cause some people to feel bad and the media these days can do the same thing.

Take care!

1/13/2020 8:19:48 PM

G. Kins

Pirates of the Pacific

Suburban... Just south of Elbe... this is the line where civilization as you know it, ends. I have a hunch you'd fit in just fine out here here. I dont drink but yeah... the Irish in me takes over sometimes!!! Suburban, maybe you are part Irish and know what I am talking about.

1/14/2020 10:32:16 AM

Suburban Gardener

Western Washington

Lol, I grew up out in rural Pierce County in a redneck area far, far from civilization, where the power would randomly shut off for days at a time, stoplights were no where to be found, cell phones weren't invented yet, and it was a long-distance phone call to my own high school. So, gotta learn how deal with things on one's own because there's no one around to bail ya out.

You're right, I really don't fit in all that well here. My suburban neighbors are always wondering what I'm up and what's coming next! I'm planning to sell this place at some point in time and move somewhere that's a bit more appropriate to large pumpkin growing or whatever else I feel like doing.

I just called for a locate to make sure I don't dig up anything in the yard again, and I'm like, "Girl, what are you doing here, anyways?" lol. "I'm just here for the Arby's!"

I'm not actually Irish that I know of, but I'm mistaken for it regularly. These are strange and trying times, for sure. It's a mess that could bring out the Irish in most anyone.

Just saying "Hello", winter is long. All the best to you, Glenoma!

1/14/2020 4:01:55 PM

Farmer Brown (Chris Brown)

Nowthen, Minnesota

Nice shot Trump!!

1/16/2020 10:59:10 PM

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