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Subject:  something different to think about..

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Oak Grove, Mn

I know that the middle east and elections are first topics on this board right now. There can be many more.

I know many of you are unfamiliar with internet structure. The .org suffix has been used by many great groups. It was meant for the non-commercial use of beneficial use of the society of the internet. Many pumpkin clubs here probably use the .org as their website.

.org has been under the control of ICAAN since it's beginning. Now they are considering selling it to a private company.


I think this is not in the best interest of society. I do not not expect much response to this topic. It is something here most here have no knowledge base of even though it affects them.

1/7/2020 7:34:33 PM

Porkchop(team sLamMer)

Central NY

somebody punch me in the face please....

1/7/2020 7:57:45 PM


Oak Grove, Mn

obviously, porkchop, you have never dealt with internet from a provider prospective vs a user prospective. Punch you in the face, you might wake up...then we would miss all your sleepy thoughts.

The GPC even uses the .org suffix


it might mean nothing if the majority of non-profits are under a private organization for internet access...but I feel there is potential for persuasion.

1/7/2020 8:19:23 PM


Oak Grove, Mn

i should use modern tech... perspective, not prospective

1/7/2020 8:24:30 PM

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