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Subject:  Say something nice about Trump

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G. Kins

Southwest WA

Christmas challenge. First world war... Germans and French stopped fighting & got out of there trenches on Christmas. Was it true Christmas spirit? Maybe it was just to survey the enemy's position? If you insist on being Grinch-ish... then stay in your respective trenches.

12/22/2019 6:29:29 PM

G. Kins

Southwest WA

The reverse applies say something nice about a Democrat. First out of the trench they are in... wins my 2066 Geddes.

12/22/2019 6:33:13 PM

G. Kins

Southwest WA

It doesnt look so good. How about... WR bushel gourd instead.

12/22/2019 6:40:21 PM


Oak Grove, Mn

It isn't fair..I am 47% democrat to begin with...I certainly could say something good. Make it a fair contest...get someone that is 0% democrat say something good...then you have something.

12/22/2019 6:51:49 PM

G. Kins

Southwest WA

All is fair in love and war bnot...

12/22/2019 7:06:13 PM

G. Kins

Southwest WA

Switzerlanders already get a lovely snowy Christmas.

Yes... I'm trolling for the muddied & mud slingers here.

12/22/2019 7:13:06 PM

26 West

Swamp Hoggers Paradise

Trump is only good when playing cards

12/22/2019 7:20:12 PM

Frank and Tina

South East

He's a decent golfer.

12/22/2019 7:30:41 PM


Oak Grove, Mn

unless you have are playing 3 notrump in bridge

12/22/2019 7:31:29 PM


Oak Grove, Mn

in bridge...it takes less tricks in no trump to be at game...then it does to be in a trump suit

12/22/2019 7:35:16 PM

G. Kins

Southwest WA

Anything positive about him as president? I know this is hard. I don't have much heart for Schiff. I'm struggling to think of something truly positive to say.

12/22/2019 7:43:02 PM


Anamosa, IA BPIowegian@aol.com

Nice about Trump: I believe that in his own way, the President is doing what he thinks is best for America. While I don't agree with all of his policies and decisions, I believe his intentions are good.

Nice about a democrat: I think that Jimmy Carter is the most honorable, sincere, caring President we have had in my lifetime. I am glad I got a chance to vote for him twice.

12/22/2019 7:53:15 PM


Oak Grove, Mn

are you forgetting the sweaters he wore during the state of union addresses iowegian. that should drop him down a few notches

12/22/2019 8:10:55 PM

G. Kins

Southwest WA

Iowegian, You do realize I'm trying to twist the screws here and get people to say something nice about someone who they don't already like.

Do you like bushel gourds F&T? Might have been wise-ass... but I'll give em to you, and I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. Or maybe you'd like to pass and hopefully hear a die-hard republican say something nice about the democrats!

12/22/2019 8:13:57 PM


Oak Grove, Mn

Carter had a hard time...his presidency had double digit inflation, double digit interest rate, and double digit unemployment. By rights...all three should not be double digit at the same time, but that is what he was trying to deal with. Post Nixon/Ford i think he was honest and brought integrity back to the white house. But economically, it was difficult.

12/22/2019 8:16:28 PM

Spudley (Scott)



12/22/2019 9:19:52 PM

G. Kins

Southwest WA

Nothing wrong with sticking to your guns. The only problem is, you can expect the other side will also.

12/22/2019 9:22:09 PM

G. Kins

Southwest WA

Annihilate the "enemy" Spudley?

12/22/2019 9:24:40 PM

G. Kins

Southwest WA

Guess everyone is going to smoke the hatchet and bury the peace pipe this year... Well then lets just talk tomatoes. Extremism and tomatoes: Both grow well in polarized light...

12/23/2019 2:43:58 AM


Cheshire Ma USA

I hope Nancy Pelosi gets all of the alcohol she prayed for On Chrismas Morning !!

12/23/2019 7:29:36 AM

Ned (team slammer)

Honesdale, Pennsylvania

his wife is hot

12/23/2019 9:29:23 AM



President Trump is 100 times the better President than Barry
Obama was
Merry Christmas

12/23/2019 10:39:16 AM

North Shore Boyz

Mill Bay, British Columbia

Ned nailed it!

12/23/2019 4:13:02 PM

Jimbo01 (Team Bubba)

DeWitt Michigan

Trump keeps people in China employed making his Signature Series clothing line and Make America Great Again swag.

12/23/2019 4:53:17 PM


Paradise Mountain, New York

Well Ned, Melanie Trump is absolutely gorgeous! Best dressed stunning lady in the world!Unseen Pictures of Donald Trump's Wife Melania Trump......https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jdhFFSCM5AM

12/23/2019 6:57:06 PM

North Shore Boyz

Mill Bay, British Columbia

That was worth the 2 minutes and 36 seconds, thanks PB.

12/23/2019 7:29:41 PM



Exposing the hypocrisy of Washington politics.
Has pushed back the commie Chinese on trade.
Caused a fired up economy! I know, because some work I do, deals with new business. Lots and lots of new business.
Stopped the "refugee" flood.

12/23/2019 7:43:53 PM

Orangeneck (Team HAMMER)

Eastern Pennsylvania

He has a nice tan.

12/24/2019 8:31:13 AM


Oak Grove, Mn

I think you are supposed to say something good about the other side. I can’t play, I am in the middle.

12/24/2019 10:07:18 AM

Spudley (Scott)


You do realize he uses more facial fillers and makeup than his wife LOL insecure. Sad so sad.

12/24/2019 3:17:19 PM


Saegertown Pa.

He’s great for my 401 K and his wife isn’t hot she’s smoking hot and speaks
More then one language

12/24/2019 8:11:17 PM


Oak Grove, Mn

Or right, I will play....I think those in the middle have to say something good about both sides.

Those of you that say his wife is hot...she doesn't seem to trip my trigger. Maybe my perceived impression of intelligence is affecting my hotness quotient. Intelligence is hot to me. His daughters, i think might be hotter....hmmmm...I better stop there.

Good thing about trump...He has gotten many people watching politics pro-trump or anti-trump that instead would have been more interested in what show is on tv than caring about what is happening in the country.

Good thing about the Democrats...I think they tend to look at social trends and future at a more distant perspective than the republicans.

Which is better, I do not know...Neither align with my thoughts.

12/24/2019 8:42:18 PM


Greencastle, PA

Trump won the election because Democrats voted for him in the rust belt.

12/25/2019 1:27:52 AM

G. Kins

Southwest WA

bnot -- you win. Yours are the most sensitive and understanding comments. You are not a Carter fan but you have a nuanced humanist view. I can see where your daughter gets her humanity-first ideals from.
Being a humanitarian puts you in the line of fire. Many good people on here but most are smart enough to dodge political bullets and hide somewhere safer than 'the middle'.
I WISH YOU GARDENING SUCCESS. And ps - I dont have your address! Merry Christmas, Bob.
-Glenoma Kins

12/25/2019 2:45:33 PM


Oak Grove, Mn

I think I was not the first out of the trench...so, i can not accept. I think we all have read each others comments for so long time, that we have a good idea which side of the political spectrum everyone is on. This was a valiant effort on your part to sow some Christmas peace. Merry Christmas everyone...I expect you back in your trenches tomorrow.

12/25/2019 5:58:18 PM

G. Kins

Southwest WA

Great example of modesty. I'm sure they'll find a good home some day.... Would you accept them as a winter tomato prize...?. Don't know for sure which posts here are examples of Christmas spirit. F&T or Iowegian... You guys posted before bnot's compassionate post for Cartrer.
Take care, guys!

12/25/2019 8:50:19 PM

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