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Subject:  Food stamps to buy cannabis?

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G. Kins

Pirates of the Pacific

Oil / THC infused food products... Can the left draw a rational line here or not? I am surprised at the various places lines are no longer drawn. I have no care only curious to see the line drawing capacity of our democrats in Washington. The State of Washington. I cant wait to see this but I dont personally care.

12/21/2019 7:04:37 PM


Anamosa, IA BPIowegian@aol.com

For heaven's sake! We must keep cannabis illegal. Cracking down on that is big business. It keeps our police, courts and prisons busy. It promotes free enterprise; the drug runners can exploit it and make millions. Who would want to hurt business like that?

After all, we learned how this works about 100 years ago. You know, when the US passed a constitutional amendment outlawing alcohol. Alcohol is terrible you know. But look what prohibition did. It helped modernize our law enforcement agencies. It made millionaires of the rum runners, like Joe Kennedy. Kept the jails full.

Oh wait a minute. It led to terrible violence, just like we are getting from the pot and drug runners. Lots of people were injured or killed by tainted alcohol, just like drugs are hurting and killing now. It cost the taxpayers huge money. And even though alcohol was illegal, people still wanted it and still got it. Ditto for weed and drugs. We got smart and legalized alcohol. Regulated and taxed it. Still have problems with it, but the criminals like Capone are gone.

But why learn from history? Repeat the mistakes all over again. Just make the big villain cannabis instead of alcohol. After all, that is how we always have done things. Why change now? We haven't headbutted the concrete wall long enough to learn that we need to stop. Naw, keep trying to smash that wall with your skull.

12/21/2019 8:06:38 PM

G. Kins

Pirates of the Pacific

You can't use food stamps to buy alcohol or tobacco. This is not an anti drug post, it's a questioning liberal sanity post.

12/21/2019 8:09:38 PM


Anamosa, IA BPIowegian@aol.com

The poor can get assistance to buy medicine. Cannabis should be a legal medicine.

12/21/2019 10:52:27 PM


Medicinal cannabis and a weighted blanket might be a good idea for some people.

12/22/2019 7:02:16 AM

G. Kins

Pirates of the Pacific

Pretty sure you're right about that. The last thing the world needs is my personal opinions... My bad.

12/22/2019 4:45:48 PM


Oak Grove, Mn

make cannabis legal to grow everywhere...and there will be no issue.

12/22/2019 5:40:46 PM

Orangeneck (Team HAMMER)

Eastern Pennsylvania

If Trump would legalize cannabis I’d probably be able to get past all of his other shit.

12/22/2019 7:22:09 PM

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