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Subject:  Any Yangsters Out there?

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G. Kins

Southwest WA

I know he is a joke to many on both sides and I am doing myself zero favors to turncoat on my Trump friends. I like the fact that he is a parent with an autistic son and I think proactive adaptation to inevitable economic changes is smart. He wants to tax big tech and Amazon. I'm not really a tax-to-punish success kind of guy but some point, our local giant technology empires may create more losers than winners. My brother worked there and they were specifically trained/told how to convey their position in the market with a sort of 'We're-Not-Standard Oil' image. Insider info straight from Bezos to BigPumpkins. Almost straight, if anyone trusts me idk...
Pumpkinleaks.com lol.

12/21/2019 6:21:09 PM

G. Kins

Southwest WA

I think his money handout idea is a two edged sword. But currently a ton of money is spent on social welfare and its done so in a socialist way with plenty of attached agenda and not much freedom. Yangs is a more libertarian handout. But it is eerily both more empowering and more addictive. Nevertheless I dont hear much forward thinking debate (my personal gut feeling) from either side so his campaign strikes me as refreshing.

12/21/2019 6:37:07 PM


Anamosa, IA BPIowegian@aol.com

Why should anyone have to work? We can just crank up the Yang-o-matic printing press and give everyone the money they need to live on. Then we can all pursue philosophy, art, or whatever trips our triggers. Socialism perfected.

I just wonder; when we take all that free money to the store, who will be making the products we want? Who will stock the shelves? Who will pick up the garbage or fill the potholes in the streets? I guess we just have to vote for it to see how it will really work. Kinda like Obamacare. Just ask Nancy Pelosi.

12/21/2019 7:13:14 PM

G. Kins

Southwest WA

I'm not in favor of not working. I'm just in favor of working less and letting robots do some work. I'm in favor of quality of life.

12/21/2019 8:13:07 PM

Jane & Phil

Ontario, Canada

Good work ethics makes for higher income levels & a better quality of life. You can't tax the robots enough to make a comfortable living for everyone. The current system seems to work okay. The more you put into it, the more you get out of it. In other words, if you want to work & have the drive to succeed, then you have the ability to earn a decent wage, raise a family & hopefully enjoy activities that make you & your family happy.

12/22/2019 9:50:23 AM


Oak Grove, Mn

My fifteen year old daughter is a big Yang supporter. I love having debates with her. There are a couple of economic issues that this country faces. The most concerning is the separation of classes. The middle class is shrinking. The top 1% is getting wealthier...and more are moving to the down side. Good work ethics is not a guarantee to stop this slide when you look at things from a macro perspective. I am not Yang supporter, I think the source of this basic income is flawed. But, that does not work as an argument with my daughter...because it is an unknown. I have had better success with argument of what happens in the aftermath. Suppose everyone received a check of $1000 per month. I don't think it would stop people from working. Would it stop people from working...I don't think so. Can you live on $12,000 per year now. But what would it do to the economy. I would think that inflation rate would increase. People tend to buy as much house as they can afford now. $24,000 more income per year per couple would drive housing prices up. Result...same house as before, but with more debt for your income + basic income. The biggest expense of a family is housing. On the flip side...those that were already in a house...would have more money to spend on incidentals. Certain businesses would benefit. A sweeping change like this would probably have many ramifications. If it came to be...the federal reserve would be really busy trying to decipher it.

12/22/2019 2:05:42 PM


Oak Grove, Mn

Economics.....what is the value of the dollar. I think that the national debt could be wiped out in a day. It might take a few days, but all debt could be wiped clean. But $1 would not buy anything. The comments about good work ethics is good..based on stable value of the dollar. But the value of a dollar is an intangible figure. Not backed by any asset. Forget economics 101...what about the higher levels. Yang's proposal's are interesting...If you are born..do you have the right to eat and find a place to sleep. I have not succumbed yet to my daughters arguments...but she has swayed me some.

12/22/2019 5:00:19 PM



"I'm not in favor of not working. I'm just in favor of working less and letting robots do some work. I'm in favor of quality of life."
Unless you own the robots,you get no money, for them doing the work.

There is not one formula to subsidize 8 billion people.
Robots are owned by for profit corporations.
They do and will always charge for goods/services.
Capitalistic trade is based on standard guidelines(except comie China).
Change those guidelines drastically,and the value of monetary exchange crashes.

Tax the wealthy corporations heavy,and they leave(Microsoft/etc,Ireland/etc.)
Tariff their out of country goods/services,and they move back to the USA.

Pay people to do nothing, and they will do exactly that.

12/23/2019 7:54:59 PM


Oak Grove, Mn

I think that the basic income idea is the reverse of trickle down economics. Trickle down did not work as planned. Wealth tends to flow up.

Still not sure of the source of this subsidy, but the aftermath is really interesting to consider. What would be the impact to businesses. Obviously, a percentage would choose not to work. The standard of living of bare subsistence would be enough for some choose to use their time to do other things. From a business perspective...lower labor availability could cause increases to wages. Sales of the businesses would also increase. The majority of the country spends what they have.

Our economy is highly dependent on the decisions of the federal reserve. From the individual perspective...work harder and make good financial choices is good advice. The overall society economic picture is much more complex.

12/24/2019 6:19:29 AM

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