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Subject:  Severe weather and weathermen

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canal winchester ohio

I know there is probably someone on here who may be a weatherperson or know someone who is and I'm posting this a little tongue in cheek so don't get to upset with me.
WHY when there is severe weather in the area and they go with full coverage cutting into normal programming do they take off their jackets and roll up their sleeves?
They are still inside, still standing in front of a green screen and still looking at a tv to get their radar. What I'm saying is they are doing nothing different than they normally do.
Is it to give the impression they are working hard to bring us the weather ( from the same sources they normally do) and want to convey the message to us.

4/3/2018 4:56:42 PM


bliss,n.y.- heart of Wyoming County

public interest=ratings
check on families-people like to do this via weather reports
station budgets

4/3/2018 5:22:31 PM


Anamosa, IA BPIowegian@aol.com

They don't do that around here. One station used to send out a helicopter if conditions permitted, did show a couple tornadoes, but it got too expensive. Last year their city cameras in Cedar Rapids picked up a tornado that hit about 8 miles from us. And 12 years ago their radar showed a tornado heading right at us, missed us by less that 300 yards. I was glad to get the warning.

4/3/2018 6:40:28 PM


canal winchester ohio

Not saying nothing about warning, just get a kick out of optics. Never watch them anyway because with smartphones i have a app for that.

4/3/2018 6:51:50 PM


Central Illinois

Just more relaxed and really not expecting to be on TV again that day if you unroll your shirt it would be wrinkled

4/4/2018 9:20:35 AM


canal winchester ohio

This instance was between 5:00-6:30, their normal on air time.

4/4/2018 9:39:10 AM


canal winchester ohio

And a half hour earlier on same channel while my wife was watching Ellen he cut in to say storm was coming ( with jacket on). Now that I've pointed it out if you look for it you'll see it most everytime.

4/4/2018 9:47:41 AM

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