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Subject:  Army of more than 1,000 Central Americans

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An army of a thousand migrants from Central America are marching through Mexico to the US where they hope to get in by any means - legal or not.


If this group is successful,there will be more mass illegal entry.

4/1/2018 10:20:20 AM


Cologne / Germany

In Germany migrants from Africa and Middle East march in for "Asylum". Due to the convention of Geneva, if a person asks for asylum, he is not be send back.
But the reason for asylum, most of the time, is not clear because Syria is an actual civil war location, other countries are not.
So the "invaders" come for economical reasons most of the time. They don´t even carry passports or papers, cannot identify themselves and just illegally BUY different identies right after being in our country to profit from social welfare.

But sadly, saying the truth, you are a NAZI and a racist over here. Happy Easter.

4/1/2018 11:10:37 AM


Simi valley, ca

HEY, I woke up today in a better country -April fools !!!--- It takes a man (or woman) to admit when you make a mistake,. ONE thing he did do very well ,And thats make Fools out of most all of us !!! EVERYDAY IS NOW FOOLS DAY !!!

4/1/2018 12:52:13 PM


Anamosa, IA BPIowegian@aol.com

In the spirit of Easter, I wish we could help all of the refugees fleeing oppression. But the United States and Germany just can't do it all.

If we look back 242 years ago, our ancestors decided to do away with tyranny. They did eventually get help from France, after starting it first. If those refugees stood up for themselves, it would only be right for us to help them. But if they don't have a stake in their own freedom, they won't put effort into keeping it. And it helps no one to wreck our countries by taking in more than we can handle.

I suggest praying for those people and our leaders. I find praying for America (and Germany) and our leaders to succeed is better than praying for failure to benefit a political party.

4/1/2018 3:18:22 PM



Fissssh,,,what are you saying?
Perhaps the first 1200-5000 of this group, will settle in Simi Valley?

Floh,in time you will see your political departments stacked with Muslim politicians.
If Dearborn,Michigan is any indication of "mixing/inclusion",you will have more problems than name calling.

Iowegian,we can help alleged refugees.
First by telling Mexico,that if it allows non-Mexicans to roam through the country,we close the border to NAFTA goods.
Second by showing or disproving all of the alleged violence in Central America. Where are all the news people?
Third by putting thousands of National Guard,and regular Army at the southern border.
Fourth,declaring war/waging war, on the alleged domestic terrorists, in Central America.

If the 1000+ get across, by doing a blitzkrieg,thousands more will do the same.
If that happens,states will invoke states rights,and put state border check points, at state borders.

Mexico sitting on it's ass and not housing/feeding these Central American alleged refuges,shows how corrupt and criminal Mexico has become.

4/1/2018 5:31:46 PM


Cologne / Germany

Over here most politicans don´t understand the difference between asylum and integration of migrants.

From my point of view, refugees have to return home after the war and rebuild their countries. We can teach them some skills to do that as long as they stay over here.

But I fear this is just wishful thinking from my side...

4/2/2018 6:52:52 AM



Well Flo,,,look at it in simple terms.
In socialist leaning Germany,"refugees" get free food,and shelter.
And some spending cash,, I believe.

Today's German government,looks like it is full of gated community hippies.
As long as they feel good in giving "charity",,,drive the best,live the best,and do not have "those" people in their neighborhood,all is well.
They seem to have dismissed the basic foundation of hippydom/socialism, is total cooperation of everyone.
Free food,shelter,and cash is a wall between cooperation.
I suspect the fake compassion, is driven by cheap labor interests.

I do find it curious the even the hungry Communist Chinese,limit their interest and investments in Northern Africa. Oil seems to be their only interest.
In most northern African/Eastern Mediterranean countries,they are lucky to have a hole to crap in. So I have been told.
If German economists were to look at northern Africa as a long term high return investment,and send the "refugees" back as state invested business,they could show why it is more economically,and therefore socially beneficial than unrestricted welfare.
The long term return would be cheap trade(oil)/etc.,German oversea business(refineries/etc.),and the crushing of dictatorial governments.
I do not know if this guy will win in Mexico,but something is going to blow.
America is going to have to harden the border,and all those Central American "refugees" are going to pile up in Mexico.


4/2/2018 10:11:47 AM


Anamosa, IA BPIowegian@aol.com

You hit the nail on the head with integration, floh.

In the past, people came to America to become Americans. Join our society, enjoy the benefits of liberty.

Not any more. Immigrants come here and segregate themselves. Want to create miniature versions of their countries here. Some Mexicans make no excuses and openly advocate taking over our southwest and transferring it to Mexico. Just like the Arab migration to Europe. They don't want to become German, Italian, French, Dane, etc. They just want to take what you have. Turn your land into theirs. They don't want to go back.

4/2/2018 10:53:09 AM


valparaiso, in

Well I'll be damned floh. That last post of yours was the only post you've ever made that makes any sense. I guess the old saying of "even a blind squirrel finds an acorn sometimes" is true.

This is just because: https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/938824/Germany-news-duisburg-state-of-emergency-fight-riot-machetes

4/2/2018 11:26:49 AM


Cologne / Germany

And this how Israel wants to participate "turning our land into Africa":


4/2/2018 11:52:51 AM


valparaiso, in

Merkel welcomed them in. If you want to blame anyone blame her. Actions have consequences.

4/3/2018 9:03:56 PM

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