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Preparing the female for pollination

Photo Credit:  gophergirl
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6/23/2000 6/24/2000 12:09:11 AM "Adjusting the vine to allow grow room for fruit" 3055


Dual Female Blossoms on 300 Mongeon

Dual Female Blossoms on 300 Mongeon



You can't start them too early

You can't start them too early

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I post this picture for Amy. It is an example of a female flower that will open in a few days. It is not a good angle and had aleaf directly above the fruit and a secondary vine also growing right next to the female. both have been removed. I removed the leaf and it's axil and the secondary and also carefully re-positioned the vine to grow away from the fruit. I move the vine an inch or less each day until I get the fruit to be on the outside of the curved vine. This is only day 2 of the process. The vine will eventually be turned away from the fruit to allow for shoulders to hopefully "NOT" grow into the vine , keeping the skin free of scratches . There are good examples of this in Don Langevin's books.

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