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Tuesday, May 21, 2024 Steve's Garage New Castle, Indiana

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All the plants here...except the 1363 Barker/Boulder which is doing just fine. I'm feeding every other day for the iron deficiency similar to what Matt D did last year. The thing now is, if you can see it , the younger leaves have a consistency closer to a geranium leaf than a pumpkin leaf; very thick and fuzzy. I'm thinking the nitrogen heavy MG I used may not have been necessary with the young plants. Either way, the vines themselves are growing at a rapid rate now. I'm getting to closer to pulling the plug on the others but I'm gonna wait and see how this wierdness with the leaves shakes out.

Also you can see on the left the 2054 Stricklers decided to grow in the opposite direction I had intended probably due to the wind, so I'm getting those turned around. Right now the nearest one has had the biggest gains. So it's looking like that one on that side, and then the 1935 Caspsers on the right side is the current leader. Interesting to note that neither of those plants looked like they would be the leaders three weeks ago.

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