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Sunday, April 28, 2024 Little Ketchup Grittyville, WA

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The syrup bucket... a pit of despair for those who think they can swim out, but really they cant.

Was thinking about the ways of gardening Ive tried that work, and the ways that dont, and in hindsight I think that my biggest garden helper (second maybe to plant tissue testing) has been the worms... I think they help so much with disease, nutrient availability, and general soil health. No till, or shallow "rake/till" methods where only the top 1- 2" of soil are disturbed seem to fit best with what I think I need to do to get the best results. I think some places are too hot or too cold to see the full benefit of earthworms, aka having populations large enough to make a noticeable difference.

If someone devoted 1,000 square feet to growing not pumpkins but instead earthworms, but THEN grew a pumpkin atop that spot... this might effortlessly lead to pumpkin success? The only effort would be in growing the worms.

I might try this. This piece-of-cake gardening would basically be to just care the worms, get their health and population as high as possible, and then with just a few minor modifications, the pumpkin or gourd or whatever, would almost literally be the icing atop "the cake."

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