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Monday, April 01, 2024 Saswampo San Diego, CA

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Doing a little experiment to see if a Cowpot will break down fast enough as to not impede initial root growth and plant development.

These two seedlings are of the same Big Zac seed line and have been nearly identical in all growth aspects. Both are 18 days after germination and now 3" tall & transplanted outside this afternoon. The one labeled 15' is in a Cowpot that's been direct planted into the soil, the one labeled 36 was in a 4x4" nursery pot until today. Both got 1 WOW pack each and a few dashes of Mycos. Note, the 4x4" seedling was just starting to show roots on the sides. We'll see how they both progress over the next few weeks while waiting to start my comp seeds and real season.

My hypothesis is that the Cowpot's root system will be restricted until the pot decomposes enough so that roots can emerge, thus holding back root development impacting initial plant growth. Will post the results here in about a month.

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