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Wednesday, March 27, 2024 Saswampo San Diego, CA

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Same tomato seedlings from a week ago. Really liking with the results so far! These are ~13 days after popping and now almost 3" tall. Gave them their first taste of baby food this past weekend which was a mix of organic fish hydrolysate and kelp with a very mild NPK. After much trial and error, I'm finally pleased with the results and will duplicate the same process with my competition seeds in about 2.5 weeks. Some may say they are a little yellowish, but the modern LED's don't really show reality. In natural light they are a very heathy green and thriving.

I've moved those two baby sprouts from the 3/20 diary entry outside a few days ago straight into the Sutherland potting soil mix. Zero hardening and night temps are still in the 40s. As of this evening they are looking great. Growth rate has slowed due to the cooler temps, but they still look great. I was a bit concerned that the Suth mix would be a bit too "hot" for those little guys, but so far it's been no problemo. Note, all seedlings are Big Zacs from the 5.85 Boudyo lineage. I'd think Domingo's would behave similarly.

Note, the four seedling in the image will go straight outside this weekend. No hardening whatsoever. Not going to baby them as the others that were much smaller with even cooler night temps did perfect.

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