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Thursday, March 21, 2024 Little Ketchup Grittyville, WA

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The indoor greens went nuts when I put them outdoors in real sun for a few days. Even after clipping them down, they still barely fit under the grow lights.

I was going to write some ideas here about what I could do better. I thought I had some good ideas... but not really. I guess it just seems like I am really close to having a little utopian setup here. I think the combo of the "wallapini" and the "igloo" plus the natural compost heat plus a hot water/rocket stove "wake up, winter's over" blast of heat...

It could all add up... the missing piece of the puzzle is a way to get woody material to biologically decompose and generate heat... because prior to late march the grass clippings arent available (and if they were you'd want a farm animal to be eating them).

So I think the missing piece of the puzzle is... how to get the brown stuff to generate as much heat as grass clippings. I have almost limitless pine needles and dead grass and dead blackberry canes. If I could perfect the art of composting "the browns", thereby generating heat and beneficial fungal matter, then "there would be no bad cylinders in my gardening engine."

Like spent fuel rods, the barrels will cool down. But unlike uranium, the spent material could be useful yet again, as at that stage they should make perfect worm food...

Its interesting to be part of a cycle that never runs out. For example, the all-powerful federal government... might run out of money. Their vast strength is all illusive. But in wild unmanaged nature, there is no conceivable end to the cycle of detritus, and fungus, and worms and new growth. Nature has a very secure plan for us, and it costs nothing except to stoop to the level of using whats already there.

Well, its the same dead horse that others have beaten before.

We're always just one serpent away from Eden. We're always so very close.

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