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Friday, January 05, 2024 big moon Bethlehem CT

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I just watched this video this morning, it blew me away. So I thought I would share it with anyone who might be interested. Every successful giant pumpkin grower knows the importance of soil biology to plant health. Why should it be any different with human health? We need a diverse flora starting in our mouth and going through our gut etc. By using some of the products we use, we are often killing off the very microorganisms that our there to help us. THis video takes about an hour to watch, I know we are in a rush, rush society. I even had to force myself to sit through it because I know it is important. I would think nothing of it to sit through an hour long video about growing giant vegetables, rarely would I sit and take the time to watch an hour long video about human health. Our personal health is actually far more important (dare I say) than growing giant vegetables. Without your own personal health you aren't going to be able to grow much of anything.
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