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Wednesday, August 23, 2023 Matt D. Connecticut

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Day 70 for the (F: 1832.5 Graham ’20 x M: 2365 Wolf ’21 (from Ron Wallace))
OTT = 457.5”
Est. Weight = 2,014.5 pounds
Avg. over last 10 days = 11.85 pounds per day

Last measurement for the pumpkin with the current goal is… survive to get weighed. There was some additional spray foam added since the pumpkin is still growing and this led to some potential gaps along the edges of the split. These applications are precautionary in hopes of ensuring a good seal and the expandable foam is not something that is a patch standard so by using it up this season the hope is to not need it in the future.

Great color and growth rate of the pumpkin that has shown the high tunnel (greenhouse) system that has been refined over the year can grow a big pumpkin, now it is just getting a few other factors to line-up.

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