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Thursday, July 27, 2023 Matt D. Connecticut

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Beneficial Insects Species Part 2

While two species were previously added on July 18th (Phytoseiulus persimilis PLUS and Neoseiulus (= Amblyseius) californicus) these were on order and take longer to grow at the facility.

The idea behind adding these was to clean-up what the two previous species of predatory mites may have missed. Also, since they are effective in higher temperatures this is another plus as it is the end of July/early August time of year. These also fly so they can seek and destroy potential new pockets of spider mites that may emerge.

Details for the specific species added..

Stethorus punctillum 100 count
Best option for high temperature, low humidity growing! Spider mite destroyers (Stethorus punctillum) are efficient locators of spider mite colonies in greenhouse, field crops, nurseries and indoor growing. Actually tiny ladybugs, S. punctillum eat more than 40 mites per day as adults and lay eggs near pest mite colonies. They will eat all stages of spider mites and find new infestation sites on their own by flying making them ideal for established mite populations.

Release S. punctillum once infestations are spotted or in environments where P. persimilis are not effective (high temperature/low humidity).
Optimal Conditions: 67-90F, 30-90% RH. Known to survive temperatures over 100 in field crop applications.

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