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Monday, July 24, 2023 Matt D. Connecticut

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Artificial Lighting Test

In an attempt to test the theory that the marginal leaf burn noticed earlier was due in part to excessive nutrients not being able to be processed due to a lack of light to drive photosynthesis and experiment was conducted.

Adding artificial lights to help the plants be able to photosynthesize longer to allow them to use more of the nutrients and reduce the chance of them building up and being exuded from the plant resulting in leaf burn.

High pressure sodium (HPS) lights were used for a few reasons over LED lights…
1.    HPS lights generate heat so the leaf temperature will be warm which is normal for these outdoor grown plants.
2.    HPS lights can be mounted well above the canopy improving overall leaf area coverage.
3.    HPS lights were easy to get on short notice;-)

Special note these are Gavita double ended 1000-watt HPS lights being used in the comparison. However, these is also a 315-watt Sun Boss CMH light over the crown area but this was too far away and not part of the light reading observations, but can be seen in the image.

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