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Thursday, July 20, 2023 Matt D. Connecticut

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New Fans Added to Improve Under Canopy Air Circulation

In an effort to increase the under-canopy air flow these Three B-Air 1/4hp air mover fans were added to the greenhouse. They can be daisy chained together and are all set on the lowest setting and work great. After seeing Henry’s dairy (    Henry-the giant pumpkin grower) with what seemed like 10 different types of fans he liked these the best and they seem to be working out great.

One is down the left-hand side, one down the main and one down the right-hand side of the plant. All are in a line at the first two secondaries and pointed up the plant and are reaching a good 75% of the plant as leaves can be seen slightly moving which is the goal. The setting could be increased, but this seems to be unnecessary as the low setting is what looks to be right.

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