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Saturday, July 15, 2023 Matt D. Connecticut

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Leaf Margin Burn Issue Perplexing Issue of the Year: Background

Leaves near the pumpkin have started showing this marginal burn to them. Now this is nothing new as typically when a pumpkin starts to grow aggressively the demand for plant potassium is often also increased and this is a characteristic symptom of potassium deficiency. Which since it seems it is the leaves near the pumpkin would seem to correlate, butů.

*While potassium was part of the fertilizer program it was increased slightly as typically this will stop the progression of the marginal burn. This means that the leaves that are yellow on the edges stay yellow (for the remainder of the season) but the problem should not progress to other leaves.

*The increased potassium did not seem to have any impact on the progression of the marginal yellowing/burn.

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