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Thursday, July 13, 2023 Matt D. Connecticut

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13 is Unlucky… Two Spotted Spider Mites

If the Yellow Striped Army Worm was not enough, they have pest friends in the form of Two-Spotted Spider Mites. The image shown is what the physical leaf damage looks like on pumpkin plants. An actual image of the spider mites is quite hard since they are so small. In fact, in order to get a positive confirmation (as there are different types of spider mites) a hand-held loupe with LED light was used at both 30x and 60x.

For control of spider mites, it is important to realize that they a are not insect they are arachnids. So, no insecticides can be used since spider mites are not insects. In fact, imidacloprid (active ingredient in Admire, Merit, Quali-Pro, Premise and Criterion to name a few) can induce females to lay more eggs!

However, catching them early is key and beneficial insects will be order and applied upon arrival.

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