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Friday, July 21, 2023 jamieg Tyngsboro, MA

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In the patch I still have 3 pumpkins going. One is going well (the 2907 Paton), one is going okay (the 1461 Rodebaugh), one is going not very well (the 2480 Graham). The 2907 is a nice white pumpkin and is my largest Day 30 ever. My 2480 was significantly smaller at this stage, but had a higher rate of growth at this age. So I think it'll be a decent pumpkin but not a monster.
The 1461 Rodebaugh is going to be a pretty pumpkin (obviously) and is a yellow that's darkening every day.
The 2480 Graham is a weird shape, something I've had a problem with in past years maybe due to poor pollination technique.
Lots of rain and very humid in the northeast has made for a very different growing season than last year which hardly had any rain at all. All the plants are exhibiting weak newer secondaries, often terminating in clusters of flowers. I took tissue tests comparing strong and weak secondaries but didn't see any significant difference between them. So that remains a mystery. I'm going to see if I can fill up the patches a little more with some of the older secondaries to compensate.

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