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Monday, April 24, 2023 Matt D. Connecticut

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Pumpkin Plant Anemia

Just after transplant there can be a little transplant shock and while it has been cloudy the grow light should be supplying enough for photosynthesis so something else must be going on.
What Could Cause This? (This is what has resulted in this same look in the past and how to correct the issue.)

1.    Soil heating cable thermostat failed stressing the roots with hot 90F/32C temperatures. (This has been corrected with the live readout thermostats.)
2.    Magnesium/Sulfur deficiency (This has been corrected with some drenches and foliar sprays up to 2TBS/gallon of Epsom salts
3.    Cold shock (This has been correct with the heat lamps and soil heating cables.)
4.    Light Deficiency (By adding an official 315-watt CMH plant grow light there is not shortage of light intensity PAR)

However, none of these are the main cause for the issue. After trying a few of these and only seeing the anemia progress it was determined to be an iron deficiency.

Now, it is important to remember that often times there can be a delay on the plant response to notice the color correction so try not to over add to a tender seedling resulting in grower induced issues.

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