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Wednesday, April 19, 2023 Jonah R Chapel Hill, NC

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I have finally made official seed choices. It has also been a while since I have uploaded, so here are some updates...
First, don't know if I have already stated, bit the 927 SQ that my dad sniped by accident with the dogs ball died... may we have a moment of silence RIP.
Second, the remaining 1643 New I had for the budget challenge also died because it was too leggy (bruh, it is a budget challenge, I can not use a grow light!) Once again, RIP
Third, I have decided to start seeds on/around the 20th.
And Finally, I still have not gotten my soil test out yet, because I am busy (or I am just lazy)!
And the seed choices are....... 1875 Mendi and what I will call "the mystery 1885 Progeny", or "Seed X", or "____ ____", if you have not gotten it by now, it is a mystery! But some pumpkin nerds (I think we are all nerds by now) may find out just by looking at it in the coming photos... lol.

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