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Tuesday, January 17, 2023 big moon Bethlehem CT

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More thoughts, Many years ago when I met Dick Wallace, I can remember naively saying to him, "you must have really great soil in Rhode Island because so many giant pumpkins come from there". He said "Nah, we have to make our soil". If you look at the very best growers in the world so many of them have "made" there soil. Very few start out with a workable medium that you can just add Nutrients too. There are some that do have very good starting points to begin the process of soil building, but that is true in life. The playing field is never equal. Life isn't fair, nor will it ever be. Travis also has the wisdom and humility to make this point about greenhouses he says; "I would do a greenhouse but even me teaching a greenhouse class here and there, I know I would go backwards for a year or two." He knows and is wise enough to see it would be a new ball game to learn. However he does go on to say this; "In my opinion yes, the world record will get broken in 23 and it will be someone with a climate-controlled greenhouse overseas!"

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