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Wednesday, January 11, 2023 pumpkinpal2 Syracuse, NY

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This project is dedicated, without even seeing what others have done concerning it,
to simply growing an AG or any seed with the capability of seeing the roots as they grow downward
to perhaps an unlimited length; If you've never thought about it too much, roots go both outward and
then also downward FROM the outward excursions, IMHO. Once the roots reach the bottom container, they
will be able to branch OUTward to the full extent of the container - I am excited to see that occur after a
4-foot journey to the lowest point possible(!).

Please read the texts within the pics to get an idea of 'how to' or at least what went into this device;
A gallon Airizonuh Tea jug X 2 was my initial choice butt that is LOT of SS mix, so, I went with the OS juice containers.
Amazing that I've had that clear tube for about 30 years and that the containers, both used or not, matched up perfectly with this!
In fact, a gallon AT jug will fit into or be fitted with an OS 64 oz.! FYI for later...

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