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Tuesday, November 22, 2022 So.Cal.Grower Torrance, Ca.

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2024 here we come! After a lengthy talk with the folks over at Zerotol, Iíve decided to try a new approach for my patch. I know some donít agree with this because of all the life and cells it destroys during the process. When you have disease as high as mine and you donít have another patch to rotate, this process has promise in helping my situation.
Itís a 1 to 100 mix so I did just under 300 gallons of water per 1000 sq ft. Iíll send in a soil test for pathogens this weekend testing only the top 10Ē of soil to see where i am. Those who donít test, I have know idea how you figure things out. Without testing, I feel like Iím guessing. I love the science behind growing these things and so glad we have these tools!
The plan is to till as deep as I can in a week or two, drench again, test again and see where we stand. Iíll post reports for anyone interested.
After this,,,,, itís all about cover crops and rebuilding the structure of my soil through a number of biologicals. Many types of bacillus, compost teas, a couple boxes of worms and anything I can add to bring the life back to my soil.
Itís a year long project that also includes a rebuild to a much cooler greenhouse with 100% more airflow.

Iíll be living through you all in 2023 so kick some butt!!:):)

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