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Saturday, September 10, 2022 Matt D. Connecticut

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Official Diagnosis: Hyaline, boat-shaped (fusiform), conidia typical of Fusarium species

Diagnosis:     Fusarium wilt; Fusarium wilt complex (Fusarium sp./spp.)
Category:     FUNGAL
Comments:     Fusarium wilt
Wilt and crown/root rot caused by Fusarium sp. can be a destructive and sometimes difficult-to-control fungal disease. Symptoms include wilting, brown lesions that may girdle the stem at the soil line, vascular discoloration/rot, and root discoloration/rot. Plants severely affected by this soil-borne fungal disease are unlikely to recover. This sample was diagnosed with this disease due to associated symptoms and fungal spore identification via tissue culture.

This fungus thrives in cool, wet soil conditions, but warm (even hot), wet conditions are also well-tolerated. There are no fungicides that will completely prevent Fusarium sp., but several provide adequate management if proper sanitation and cultural practices are followed. Always wear protective equipment and follow label rates and instructions when applying fungicides (see below).
    Always use clean, healthy seed, starts and transplants;
    Use bleach solution (10% or greater), rubbing alcohol (70% or greater), or similar to disinfect pruning equipment, transplant trays, and related planting materials before reuse;
    Avoid waterlogged soils whenever possible;
    Remove and destroy diseased plants as soon as possible. Do not compost and avoid allowing diseased plant residue (including roots) to remain on-site;
    Use new materials, such as strings and stakes, when feasible


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