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Friday, July 08, 2022 Matt D. Connecticut

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Odd “stem Split” on 2294.5 Noel ’19 Greenhouse Pumpkin

This is not a traditional stem split as it looks like the tap roots were never cut and the pumpkin tore itself off the main vine. However, there was more slack in this vine and supports put under the main vine than has been put under any other pumpkin grown since this was noticed early on. Not only did it start splitting but then brown rot started to set in. Full strength concentrated (25%+) hydrogen peroxide was used to help prevent this from spreading which seemed to help but this was an internal deformity. Note do not get the concentrated H2O2 on your skin (turns is white for about a day) or pumpkin as it causes permanent physical damage to the pumpkin skin.

Not sure of the cause or reason for this other than bad luck. The tear when all the way through about 75% of the stem before the decision to pull the plant was made.

On the bright side (at least at the moment) the outdoor 2294.5 Noel ’19 does not seem to have this issue, but that pumpkin is not as old as this one, so time will tell.

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