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Thursday, December 30, 2021 Boston2021 Boston

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Winter Rye pic is from 12/17.

Time to review 2021 and focus on things that I could/can control only:

What went well:
-Transplant date of 5/17 with no green house/hoop house. Soil temp was in the low/mid 60s
-Overall effort throughout the year
-Vine burying
-Spoon feeding
-Watering was pretty consistent as far as days go-but I have no idea how many gallons I was putting down
-Pruning of tertiary vines and removing flowers
-Using products to address insects and powdery mildew
-Adapting the above based on weather and a ton of rain
-White sheet for sun protection
-Board and sand below the pumpkin
-Overall pruning to keep the plant within my plot so it wasn't prunned or stepped on by others.
-Used two boards pretty well to work around the plant

What did not go well/things to improve upon in 2022:
-Indoor seed starting of bad seeds. Need to invest in proper seed starting equipment and focus on good seeds.
-Plant blew over early in the season-need small stakes
-Cucumber Beatles appeared to get the plant early on
-I cracked the stem during a cool and cloudy evening-DO NOT RUSH AND TRY TO GET TOO MUCH DONE EARLY IN THE MORNING OR IN THE EVENING. This mistake created more work for me. Sometimes doing less in one day will lead to less work to fix mistakes.
-Used too much product to prevent SVB and burned leaves
-Plant still had powdery mildew later in the season as the journal pic show

Questions to research this winter for 2022:
With no electricity and 3.5 miles down the road, is a hoop house/greenhouse realistic?
Best prunning techniques for 250 sq ft?

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