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Wednesday, July 21, 2021 Hobbit Walhalla, ND.

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Hobbits Pumpkin Patch Update..
Good morning family and friends, yes another week has gone by and fortunately weíve finally received some much needed rain and cooler temperatures. 10 day forecast calls for highs only in the 80s and more chances of rain. Now for some pumpkin talk. First off Iím growing my own seed this year, all three plants are from my 1577 grown in 2019, which is 2528 Geddes X 1237 carrier. I have no names for them as of yet so for now Iíll call them plants 1,2 and 3 and all plants were self pollinated. Plant #1 kin really wasnít intended to be the keeper due to it only being 14ft out on the main, but one of those many hot dates cooked my main vine tip and a newly pollinated kin further down the main so it is what it is with a total of 16 secondaries behind it and a few in front. ďPSĒ itís what I call my ugly duckling. Plant #2 kin is 19ft down the main with the main vine terminated at the kin and 23 secondaries to push it along. Plant #3 kin is 20ft down the main and the main terminated as well at the kin with 21 secondaries behind it. Kinís 2 and 3 still have 4 to 5 secondaries on each side that arenít terminated yet and Iím still undecided when Iíll terminate, depend on daily kin growth measured in pounds. I will however continue growing the 2 secondaries closest to the kin throughout the season, thats the plan for now. Sorry for the long drawn out update. Iíll try to keep it shorter next week, till then happy gardening everyoneÖÖ

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