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Sunday, July 11, 2021 Henry-the giant pumpkin grower Topsfield, MA

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A sad day. Today I got home from recovering from surgery being away in Maine for a week. Iíve only been in my patch 2 times in nearly two weeks and came home to a soaked patch with disease! Itís disappointing and sad but I found several secondaryís with wilted leaves on the 1215 young with lots of rot. The weather is the culprit as it hasnít stopped raining for weeks now with barely any sun. I believe phytophera couldíve been the disease as I recognized the wilting and thought back to 2017 and 2018 when I had phytophera. The pumpkin on the 1215 hadnít grown at all so Iíd figure itís best to pull the plant and not risk it spreading to my 1184. My 1184.5 is my last hope! No wilted leaves so Iím keeping my fingers crossed. The pumpkin has some significant rot on the stem so I will try my best to dry it out but itís not looking so good. You just canít dry things out with no sun and rain. Another inch or two tonight! She has an estimated weight of 215 pounds at 31 days old. The worst numbers Iíve ever had but I will not give up!! If I can dry her out we have a chance at getting something to the scales! Certainly disappointed though. I had a fantastic start to the season but the weather prevented the great start from continuing. I had hope..

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