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Saturday, February 20, 2021 Savagepumpkin Savage, MN

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Mixed soil
Nutrients recipe. Watered and sat for another month before planting giant onions. Thanks Kevin at giantveg!

7.5 gallons is 1 cubic foot
Measured Wet except coco coir

1 cf worm castings
1 cf Malibu
2 cf rice hulls
2 cf coco coir

1/2 cup alfalfa meal
1/2 cup fish bone meal
1/2 cup organic Neem meal
1/2 cup organic Kelp meal
1/2 cup Crab meal or Crustacean meal

4 cups of Mineral Mix aka rock dust

1. 2 Parts BuildASoil Basalt - Trace Minerals and High Paramagnetic Energy
2. 1 Part Gypsum - Locally Mined in Colorado - Calcium and Sulfur
3. 2 Tablespoons Sul-Po-Mag per CF also known as langbeinite - Has Sulfur, Potassium and Mag
4. Premium Montomorillonite 1/2 cup per cf....oops

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