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Wednesday, February 03, 2021 Orange U. Glad Georgia

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I cannot think of a better way to start of my diary then awarding out the prizes to the top two teams of the 2020 Fantasy Pumpkin League winners. It was a tight battle literally coming down to the a single pound in the team average weight category. Farmer Brown (Chris) and SmalltownUSA (Mikkal) were literally joined at the hip in all scoring categories. Plus, they had identical bonus point with the Patons scoring an extra point for the new UK record and for Mikkal, Mendi came through scoring an extra point for setting the Spain national record. I think the coolest part was that each drafted themselves which provided great dividends. As both growers won an HD award which helped put them in a tie for second in the HD scoring category.

Chris's win netted him the much heralded first place pumpkin trophy, forty dollars, and a seed prizes which included the Jutras World Record Squash seed and 5 HD winner seeds, plus a nice assortment of seeds from HHouston. Mikkal won $20 and several quality seeds. The entry fee into the contest was an HD seed or a seed from a 2k pumpkin. Those not wishing to send in a seed could pay a $10 entry fee. Without the generous support of all the owners these prized could not have been possible. Those interested in participating in the 2021 league, keep an eye out for announcements in the premium members section starting this Spring. In third place was HHouston (Hank) who recieves an "attaboy" for third place. Interestingly, Hank's team had the most first place wins with eight.

1st Place Seeds: WR Jutras 2119 SQ, 1146.5 Snyder HD, 960.5 Gansert HD, 1444 Halverson HD, 795.5 Risi HD, 1118 D. Gantner HD, 1148 Wagner (359 FossxSelf), 2158 Geddes, 2045 Clementz, 2003 Daletas, 2002 Tobeck, and a great assortment of Houston seeds.

2nd Place Seeds: 1464 Brown HD, 1604 Robinson HD, 2090.5 Stelts, 2020.5 Weishupl, 2003.5 Lancaster, 1510.5 Lancaster and a great assortment of Houston seeds.

1. Farmer Brown 32.5 points
2. Smalltown 31.5 points
3. HankH 24 points
4. Dibble 18.5 points
5. Wolf3080 16 points
6. Kerry G. 14 points
7. Wiley C. 10 points
8. Suburban G. 9 points
9. Orange U Glad 5.5 points

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