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Wednesday, December 02, 2020 Gritty Walmart

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I should shut up about covid my kids mom caught it apparently and the brother of a family friend died. I am hopeful we can return to normal or better-than-normal about a year from now. This is the 109 lb field kin I grew a couple years ago. Tons of worms... I am working on pulling bindweed out. A couple of small adjustments... Rather than trying to get 100% of the bindweed all at once I think I will work the ground twice. If I pull out stragglers and plant potatoes in early April... I can probably get good production and good weed suppression. This double working of the soil should allow me to contour the ground to run water off during the winter but pond it in the summer.
Secondly, I am wondering if I could run a field kin plant across the potatoes. I like the idea of treating field kins as a fall crop the way Baggs does marrows... my 109 was pollinated in early/mid July and picked in late August/early September. Thats a good window for success we only had a couple days in the 90's this year... but a late July/ early August pollination could be harvested in mid October so that growth window could work, too. Wish I knew of a companion crop with better synergy than potatoes. I probably only have enough CEC and nutrients for one crop. Maybe sowing something benign like clover wouldnt hurt. The best thing would be to keep the soil properly fed and watered and weed free. I should probably use both mulch and liquid nutrients otherwise the needs wont be fully met.

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