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Friday, September 25, 2020 joe w Minnesota

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Family picture with this years big 3. I was pretty excited about my pumpkins up to the beginning of August. Around the middle of August they ended up hitting a wall and Iím not completely sure why, but most likely disease. Iíve been growing giants for over 10 years now and Iíve learned to cut a lot of corners while still getting pretty big pumpkins. Some of the interesting facts about this season was
1. I tilled in fertilizer in April and didnít put on any other fertilizer for the rest of the season.
(I did one fertilizer app last year too on my pumpkin that went 15% heavy @ 1754lbs)
2. This year I went with all over head watering. I had one $5 sprinkler watering 3 plants.
3. No amendments/myco for vine burying.
4. No fungicide through irrigation
5. I Only used companion and actinovate through backpack sprayer up to middle of August when they hit the wall. Then I used Subdue and eagle but was probably too late. I got mildew pretty bad.
6. My 1754 last year had a 10 day average peak of 29lbs per day. I had 4 pumpkins this year have a 10 day average over 40lbs a day with my 1304 ďmiddleĒ having a 10 day average over 50 lbs per day
7. I used only my own 1304 werner and 1941 werner seeds. Except a 692 ailts X 1304middle for fun.
8. My 1304 middle taped 1750 in August and only grew 5Ē in September.

Iím not sure if Iíll get any official weights this year but the actual weights of my big three in pic were: 1941middle 1527lbs, 1304 middle 1778lbs, 1304north 1583lbs. I had another 1304 that peaked over 50lbs a day too but only ended up a little over 1500lbs. The 692 ailts x 1304 middle Last estimated at 314lbs and was grown on around 100sq ft plant.

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