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Wednesday, September 30, 2020 Gritty Walmart

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Jerusalem Artichokes, back left, finally bloomed. They are quite tall. 10 ft. easily.

I am mowing rather than tilling and speeding decomposition with potassium nitrate. Trying to bring up micronutrients also. After seeing the no-till corn do better I am only investing my efforts into getting healthy decomposition and protecting the soil as best I can from the 4 or 5 ft of rain we will get here between now and April/May. Mowing, mulching, cover cropping (even just fallow/weeds is ok with me as long as they are not obtrusive perennial weeds) and solarizing are the strategies that seem to have the most potential benefit. I will be rotating planting areas. I really dont have time to maintain all the planting areas in actual crops so some areas will get careful attention and other areas will get less attention. I love seeing how many different bugs are making the corn their home. A garden without pesticides is home to an abundance of life. Many predator insects and birds. I am not seeing any devastating buildups of pests.

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