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Thursday, September 03, 2020 Gritty Walmart

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I still can't believe the p.o.s. sunflower on the right recovered & grew taller than its far more stately brother/sister. There is no such thing as a dud 26 ft. Butler Sunflower... those seeds belong in a fairy tale... they're closest thing we've got to magic. Nothing I know of is closer to actual jack-and-giant-beanstalk seeds! If you can get some they are worth a try.

One last note: the "sort of 150 sq ft" (maybe more like 200 sq ft.) pumpkin is up to 14 lbs per day which I am very, very happy with. It should cross 300 lbs tomorrow and the plant is in great condition to push it for 40 more days. Goal: 300 more pounds in September and 100 more in October. Leaves look awesome, got the bloaty-center boron problem fixed, I think. It was the boron or manganese that helped, idk. But it more than I know about tomatoes. I guess I also need about five years of tomato growing then after that I will actually know a little bit. This is year #4.

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