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Sunday, August 23, 2020 TwinsCentral Fraser Valley, BC, Canada

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Todayís post has me frustrated - an animal (I suspect mole/vole) has bleeping #%*+!##* (insert swear words) got into my patch and munched on my patch!!! I found a mound of dirt inside my patch which is why I suspect mole/vole. Does this mean the bleeping #%+*#% thing is in ground munching on my patches roots? It wonít happen next year due to how Iím going to do things, but for now I lost a baseball sized pumpkin because ďitĒ chewed off half the bottom!!! Thank god my prized is higher up and covered.

On a positive note, tho likely too late in the season, two babyís took pollination by bees I guess when I was away so Iím going to allow them to grow... same plant as the one that got chewed. The only pumpkin on my main plant is my keeper, Andrea.

I had mentioned in posts that I was using 20-20-20 and why the nitro worried me... my one plant decided to climb a tree... literally, lol. I had it leaned against the stump and up it went literally up to a branch which itís tendrils clung to and well... itís happy and climbing, lol. I didnít have any pumpkins at the time On it till the one that got eaten, so figured may as well let it grow since there is more light up there anyhow lol. And today I noticed a pumpkin growing there... to cut it or not cut it off... as if I do there isnít a pumpkin growing on the plant. Figured Iíd experiment and see what happens with it... truthfully I donít expect much but maybe something amazing will happen when I least expect it.

On another note, been imagining how to make a wet suit for a pumpkin. Something stretchy, yet moisture wicking. If it keeps a human warm in cold water why not a pumpkin :) I know the pumpkin has to have air circulation... then there is those sock warmers :) what I think Iím going to do is use the sand warmers that you heat up in the microwave and place around base of pumpkin with blanket. Cheap and simple for the two weeks I may need it. A one size fits all stretchy protective suit still intrigued me tho... Iíll have all winter to ponder over it :)

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