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Saturday, August 15, 2020 Gritty Walmart

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So... the corn planted with the potatoes corresponds to the corn that is not doing very well. Except the very first row.... which is not near the potatoes and also doing poorly. I did break the ground structure near there, though... and probably didnt spread chicken manure as heavily there. The area where the corn is doing best was no-till. But it also got better fertilizer and more water. Anyhow... multiple variables. The no till corn was a big success. Potatoes and corn appears to be a "no". No-till seems to be a 'yes' for some crops because the soil acts as a sponge better. And despite the ground being hard... in reality its penetrated by the corn roots. Fluffy tilled soil is kinda horrible, I dont know why pumpkin growers swear by it. Except that with careful watering, and nutrients being added, it makes no difference. Tilled soil acts like its own mulch, so thats good. But I only have 1 ft of soil here so I cant afford to turn half of it into 'soil-mulch'. Works better here to have 1 ft of healthy soil and use a fine layer of organics for mulch. 6" of soil limits plant growth 1 ft. is much better but 2 or 3 ft would sure be nice. Its a silly resolution but I think I need to resolve to use the perfect amount of mulch. And definitely need to tackle the weeds especially the perennial weeds.

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