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Friday, July 24, 2020 TwinsCentral Fraser Valley, BC, Canada

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Starting to get valid females now that the plant is long enough with some secondary’s. FYI, this is my very first time growing pumpkins, EVER! Spent hours searching online about hints and tricks, and i did not want a baby pumpkin, i wanted one at least as big as my head if not larger, tho not going for a prize winning one (not trying at least).

I have limited space in that I did not want to take up my entire 400sq ft yard, so i decided to try to trestle it. Then i thought of the ladder I had in the garage, and it doesn’t need a lot of sun to warm up. The downside is, i am not having extra roots into soil, and that may be my downside? The landscapers are awful and chop plants easily (mowed my flowers last year, argh) and this way I feel safer, and it provides more airflow etc. We only recently got weather over 24c, this year has been cooler. In two days weather warms up again 85-90F.

I do get lots of sun... morning sun, then early afternoon into late evening when sun sets. Come fall I will get less but enough to still make it work. Ideally i want pumpkin 50lbs-100lbs, or two around 50lbs ish. Using generic $4 seed pack from Atlantic Giant.

Pollinated one two days ago (pretty sure it took, next entry will show a photo) and pollinated another yesterday morning (thurs) so wont know about that one till prob Saturday or so. I added organic soil today as top up and fertilized last weekend with a lower nitro but higher phosphorous and potassium.

Noticed a mole hill on outskirts of my lawn... is that going to be a problem? No idea how to get rid of them, they are always around yearly, i just stomp their holes and they make new ones lol.

To be continued....

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