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Sunday, July 05, 2020 big moon Bethlehem CT

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This shot is looking over my row of melons. There are three plants in this picture, plant's are about 27' long by 7' wide.
Last year I produced a lot of seed. I harvested seeds from my four biggest melons. The germination was very poor on all but one of them. The seeds all look very viable with filled out cotyledons. I am not sure what happened. The only seed that would germinate reliably for me was from the melon I named "D1", 2 of my three JBD x CC melons are off that seed and and they are on 'Tetsukabuto' rootstocks. The other melon is on a seed that I will have to call "unknown" because I lost the label. However, I know for sure that it is off of one of my CC X JBD melon's from last year, I am just not sure which one. This last melon is on a 263 Ciesielski BG rootstock.

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