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Wednesday, June 03, 2020 Gritty Walmart

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Happy 40th, Special K!

And a note about my early tomato: Because my personal best grew late in the year and suffered near freezing temps and dew I am allowing this to happen I am not in a rush to harvest and I think this cold stress could help now that the risk of BER is waning. The plant may invest more in the fruit if it thinks the end is near? I diverge from the optimal babying-the-plant thinking and am thinking outside the box. I want the plant to allow this tomato to suck whatever it needs out of the plant. No self preservation mechanisms for the plant... I think the cold at night will help with breaking the plant down to where it will place all of its hope for its survival into the tomato. Call me wacko if you will but my personal best was from a plant that I believe by some mechanism knew it was dying and it found some way to bypass the normal self preservation and put everything it had remaining in the plant into the tomatoes. Other than that I am still babying it. Tough love plus real love and then both the kids and the tomatoes turn out better?

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